Developer's Weekly Update 2023 #32

A Week's Review of Developer Development

Developer's Weekly Update 2023 #32
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Hello developers! It's that time again for our weekly round-up, shedding light on our completed tasks and ongoing projects. Let's delve into the highlights from the past week.

1. Dashboard Activity Integration Test

We've been actively carrying out integration tests for our Dashboard Activity feature. By ensuring all components work seamlessly together, we're closer to delivering a robust and efficient system for tracking platform operations.

2. Progress on Sui Marketplace

The Sui Marketplace JavaScript SDK has been successfully completed! Alongside this achievement, we're also making strides in the development of the Sui Indexer, further enhancing the Marketplace's capabilities.

3. Ongoing Work on Aptos Asset Minting

Our team is deeply invested in the development of Aptos Asset Minting. This project remains a focal point, and we're dedicated to delivering an optimized asset creation experience.

4. Launch of iOS MirrorJump

We're thrilled to announce the launch of iOS MirrorJump! Available on Apple's platform, this development marks a significant milestone in our offering, and we're eager to receive feedback from the community.

5. Revenue Share for EVM Marketplace

The development of the revenue-sharing mechanism for the EVM marketplace is complete. This new feature ensures fair and transparent revenue distribution, highlighting our commitment to fostering a trustworthy platform.
That's our roundup for this week. We truly value your engagement and appreciate your support in our ongoing journey of innovation. Stay tuned for more updates next week. Until then, happy coding!

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