Developer's Weekly Update 2023 #39

A Week's Review of Developer Development

Developer's Weekly Update 2023 #39
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Hello developers! As the week draws to a close, let’s dive into the strides we've made across various projects. Here's your detailed weekly update:

1. Solana Hackathon Preparation Continues

Our team is fervently preparing for the Solana Hackathon. With every passing day, we're polishing our concepts and developments to ensure a standout presentation.

2. Sui Wallet UI Integration: Progress and Milestones

  • USD Amount Endpoint: We're thrilled to announce the completion of the USD amount endpoint, further enhancing the Sui Wallet’s utility.
  • Frontend Code Familiarization: Our team has embarked on a journey to delve deep into the frontend code. This initiative ensures a more cohesive integration process in the future.
  • Auction Endpoint Development: Work on the auction endpoint is in progress, with the aim of offering users an efficient and streamlined auctioning experience within the Sui Wallet.

3. Billing System: Development and Testing

  • Auth Usage: The development for the Auth usage component of our billing system is now complete, marking a significant step in our journey to a fully functional billing platform.
  • UI Testing Phase 1: We've successfully completed the first phase of UI testing for the billing system, with the exception of usage components. This ensures a seamless user experience upon full deployment.

4. OnRamp Enhancements

We've taken steps to revisit and refine all webhook notifications within OnRamp. This optimization ensures a synchronized order status, further improving the efficiency of our platform.

5. DataCenter Upgrade

Our commitment to offering top-tier services remains unwavering. As part of this commitment, we've executed an upgrade to our DataCenter, ensuring improved performance, reliability, and scalability.
That sums up our achievements and ongoing efforts for the week. Your support continues to be the wind beneath our wings, driving us to innovate and enhance consistently. Stay connected for more insights next week, and as always, keep coding brilliantly!

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