Introducing Data Activity: A Game-Changer for Developers on Dashboard!

Mirror World's new Data Activity feature on the Dashboard offers developers unparalleled insights into end-user behaviors, facilitating data-driven decisions to optimize strategies and boost revenues.


Introducing Data Activity: A Game-Changer for Developers on Dashboard!
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🌟 Revolutionizing Data Analytics with the New Data Activity Feature!
Hello, passionate developers!
Today marks a significant stride in our ongoing mission to elevate your experience with Mirror World. We're thrilled to unveil the data activity feature on the Dashboard - a transformative tool tailor-made for developers like you!
Understanding user behavior is pivotal to a project's success. With our data activity feature, you'll harness unparalleled insights into end-user actions, empowering you to optimize your strategies, refine user experience, and significantly drive revenue.
What's Inside the Data Activity Module? 📊
  1. Smart Marketplace: Delve into metrics like trading volumes (both monthly and daily), active wallet counts, and intricate collection data such as trading volume, floor prices, and more.
  1. Fiat-to-NFT: A panoramic view of your total revenue, order numbers, new customer metrics, and collection-based revenues.
  1. On-ramp Aggregator: Insights on total volume, detailed order data, and fresh customer acquisition metrics.
  1. Smart Auth & Wallet: Keep track of monthly/daily active users, the influx of new users, and accumulated user figures.
An added advantage? Customize your viewing experience by filtering data based on specific time frames or downloading the data for meticulous offline analysis.
We've made sure this feature is seamlessly integrated with all services of the Mirror World Smart SDK, ensuring you get a holistic view, irrespective of which service you use.
Why Wait? Start Today! 🚀
We believe in progress through innovation, and with the data activity feature, we're offering you a catalyst for transformation. Take a deep dive into the ocean of insights, and let data-driven decisions sculpt your project's future.
Begin your analytics journey now! Simply log in or sign up for FREE at Embrace the future, and let's grow together!

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Build your application with Mirror World Smart Platform

Read our full deck here. Mirror World Smart Platform now supports EVM-compatible chains!!!
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