Best User Growth Strategy: Blockchain Mobile Games

A full guide on user growth stategies for mobile metaverse games

Best User Growth Strategy: Blockchain Mobile Games
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Blockchain Games’ Data Grows Against the General Downtrend

Ever since the bear market, many from the crypto industry have been pessimistic about GameFi. The general opinion is that when the market is under the weather and GameFi dApp is not generating economic profits, it will lose most of its players. But is it really the case?
Zooming out, the overall performance of the crypto industry is certainly not in its prime. DappRadar’s report shows that the July dApp activities have reached the lowest point of this year, only 1.68 million UAW connected to blockchain dApp, decreasing 4% month on month, while still 20% higher than the same time last year.
However, if we examine the performance of GameFi under the dApp, we might discover that half of these 1.68 million wallets are coming from blockchain-based games (Source: DappRadar). Game-related Transaction volume is way higher than any other market category, with a total volume of 807 million USD, 6% higher than June, and 41% higher than last year. The second biggest industry is DeFi, worth 51 million USD, decreasing 33% month to month and 61% lower than last year.
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Meanwhile, a gamified workout dApp brought a storm to the market. STEPN is a mobile app designed for jogging. After the user has finished their daily exercise objective, they will receive the corresponding tokens and other rewards. Due to STEPN’s low threshold, smooth user experience, along with its convenience, strong ability to spread, and wide coverage that is solely available to the mobile end, STEPN gained an astonishing 2 million user registration per month.
Despite the price drop of the game-based tokens, GameFi dApp still brings us a promising vision by attracting record high amounts of VC investments, its very stable player base, and a more friendly mobile experience.

More Mobile Game Apps are Breaking the User Growth Barriers

It never grows old to talk about how to attract more users into the crypto world. The pressure from the traditional internet is one of the biggest challenges Web3 is facing now.
Minecraft’s developer Mojang recently announced that Minecraft will eventually forbid running blockchain on game servers developed by its fans and developers as well as using Minecraft images in NFT projects. As they think that blockchain and the usage of NFTs are contradictory to the core idea of the game.
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Similarly, Ubisoft, Epic Games as well as some other renowned gaming companies are also discreet about whether they will be using blockchain technology, due to the higher knowledge threshold, relatively less secure compared to the traditional internet, and worse user experiences often cause the traditional players’ resistance and dissatisfaction.
Despite the inevitable hindrance of the traditional web2 world, mobile blockchain game still has plenty of space for future expansion. The gaming industry the aforementioned traditional game publishers are in is worth over 100 billion in total, yet the current GameFi market value is approximately 6 billion, which only accounts for 4% of the overall gaming industry.
That shows there’s still a huge market void in the future, especially in the context of mobile GameFi. For example, Solitaire Blitz, a causal blockchain game that officially launched in the second quarter of this year, relies on mobile’s fast spread speed, gaining a striking weekly transaction volume of nearly 400 thousand USD.
Coincidence is not the word one should use to describe Solitaire Blitz’s rapid growth. The mobile game itself is already one of the biggest subcategories of the gaming industry. According to Statista, 34% of US users spend 1 to 5 hours playing mobile games. Data this simple also provides us with an idea of how large the mobile GameFi’s potential actually is.
Another vivid example — CryptoBay, one of the biggest crypto games on Binance Blockchain, increased its users by 200% after successfully launching its Android and iOS dApp. This is how attractive the mobile experience is to prospective users.
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Something that comes along with the Mobile GameFi trend is the tremendous need for a better mobile Web3 infrastructure.
Just as the initial purpose of building Flow Chain was to build a public chain that is more suitable for blockchain games after seeing what CryptoKitties did to Ethereum, in a situation in which the quality of the mobile infrastructure doesn’t match its needs, multiple public chains soon began to realize the potential benefit of deploying mobile infrastructures.
Solana, a public chain with faster transaction speed and lower gas fees, has become one of the first public chains to make its moves. The newly published Saga phone powered by Solana will go out to the market at the beginning of 2023.
This smartphone will natively support many kinds of Solana applications, including leading NFT MarketPlace Magic Eden. Magic Eden will operate on Android, strengthened by Solana’s customized SDK — Solana Mobile Stack. This particular SDK will provide developers with more help with building dApps that are customized for smartphones. We are seeing the approaching of a more well-rounded mobile blockchain era.
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Integrated Mobile SDK Features Will Reveal More New Potential Strategies for User Growth

Mirror World has two blockchain mobile games that have successfully entered the Beta test. If there’s more you want to know about GameFi user growth strategies, we will be more than willing to have a conversation with you over a 30-minute meeting:
An ecosystem or even a whole industry can never reach prosperity without the influence of well-developed underlying technology, the birth of diverse applications, and an ever-growing user base. We do think that blockchain technology could bring many changes to the gaming industry in the long run, but we have to acknowledge the current obstacles concerning the user experience and the difficulties that developers are facing in our current stage. Not only are these the actual problems we are facing during our game development process, but they are genuine feedback from many crypto users as well.

Challenges for Developers

Developers need to familiarize themselves with a lot of concepts before being productive
  • Wallets
  • Seed-phrases
  • Transaction Signatures
  • Wallet Accounts Serialization and Deserialization
  • Blockchain State Querying

Challenges for Users

Product users need to understand technical concepts before being comfortable on Web 3
  • Adding wallet extensions on Chrome or downloading wallet apps
  • Learning about security measures
  • Constantly getting popups and having to click to approve transactions
  • Constantly jumping back and forth between different dApps when using mobile devices

Few Lines of Mobile Code, All of Crypto’s Potential.

In order to tackle these problems and to help more developers use blockchain technologies in a low-code fashion, after developing two mobile blockchain games, Mirror World successfully integrated a whole set of practical solutions, supporting Android, IOS, unity, and Web. It eliminated the complexity of building user- authentication, NFT market transaction, tokenization, and customer on-ramp and off-ramp. This gives mobile developers freedom to concentrate on building their own dApps, and easily integrate the essence of Web3 into their Gaming, DeFi, and NFT applications.
Developed based on Solana while eventually extending to multi-chain compatible, Mirror World Mobile Smart Platform is a toolbox that integrates In-App Marketplace, All-in-one login, In-App Wallet, and Data tracking, aiming at providing an efficient, convenient, low-cost web3 mobile user experience solution.
For more Blockchain game’s obstacles, prospects, and profit strategy analysis, please read our previous article.
It is without a doubt that blockchain has been experiencing one of its most challenging times. But when the most innovative ideas in the industry team up with traditional gaming firms, GameFi’s future is still a bright and hopeful one.
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If you want to make a stunning entry into this blooming Web3 world, believe your product or game will revolutionize the traditional user experience. Be it creative, marketing, operations, product design, whatever you do, just focus on the user experience! With our customized, simple, ready-to-hand Mirror World Smart Platfrom, we will take care of literally everything on the blockchain technology side, and relive the huge potential of mobile crypto dApps.
For more Mirror World Team’s opinions and content on technological difficulties and market potential of Mobile dApps, check out the second episode of our interview series: Mirror World Jam: Less Code; More Users

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Build your application with Mirror World Smart Platform

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