Mirror World Smart Marketplace

Build your own in-app NFT marketplace in a snap of fingers

Mirror World Smart Marketplace
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Product Highlight

  • Ability to trade NFTs in blockchain apps
  • Developer management dashboard for monitoring app activity

What is Smart Marketplace?

Smart Marketplace is a solution for implementing NFT transaction services in dApps, allowing users to sell and buy game-related NFTs through SOL/USDC pricing. It simplifies the process of interacting with the blockchain, making it easy for developers to build a marketplace in their game.
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What Smart Marketplace can do:

  • Smart Marketplace can provide a one-stop shop for users to browse, sell and purchase digital assets from other dApp users, eliminating the need for users to leave the dApp.
  • In addition, Smart Marketplace can provide developers with a storefront to help them deploy exclusive trading markets, greatly reducing the workload of developers.
  • The open source storefront can meet developers with higher customization needs, and can freely arrange the trading market to attract more users.
  • Smart Marketplace provides simple monitoring and analysis of end-user data indicators to help developers find product pain points for next-step optimization, thereby expanding the user base.
  • As an auxiliary tool, Mirror World also provides an easy-to-use creator platform for developers to manage SDK services. It can help developers manage and monitor project status in a unified manner.

What can creator platform do:

Creator Platform provides smart contract support for users. Through the Creator platform, users do not need to know too much information about the smart contract and underlying blockchain structure. User have smart contract template ready to be used and can easily configure directly on the Creator platform to access the contract. Creator Platform also provides a series of auxiliary tools, including monitoring and analysis of user data for you. One-stop access process to help you complete the deployment of your own NFT collection and marketplace.
Mirror World Creator Platform to support easy smart contract creation
Mirror World Creator Platform to support easy smart contract creation

Why do you need Smart Marketplace?

Smart marketplace is an important infrastructure for the development of blockchain applications. It not only provides users with a convenient and efficient trading experience, but also solves the problem of fragmentation of user experience. Developers can develop their own decentralized applications on top of the smart marketplace, without having to worry about the underlying structure.
There are a few reasons why you might want to build your own marketplace:
1. To have more control over the user experience and the functionality of the marketplace.
2. To be able to customize the marketplace to fit your specific needs or requirements.
3. To build a marketplace that is more suited to your industry or niche market.
4. To tap into new markets that other marketplaces don't cater for.
5. To create a more efficient and streamlined marketplace that saves time and money for buyers and sellers.


The transaction process of on-chain assets on the mobile terminal is not smooth: the third-party trading platforms have their own dApps. However, on their dApps, users are only able to view their assets/transaction history. If users want to complete transactions on the mobile terminal, they must open the corresponding wallet software and going back to the dApp again to complete the transaction process.
A mobile marketplace native to app can provide a more seamless and user-friendly transaction experience for users. By building your own mobile marketplace, you can create a more user-friendly and efficient transaction interface for users. This will help to improve user engagement and increase product sales.
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Third-party trading platforms often integrate a large number of different projects. If developers divert users to third-party trading platforms, there is a certain probability of loss. In addition, the display of platforms is usually homogeneous and cannot cater to specific niche needs and cannot be flexibly defined.
One of the main reasons to build your own marketplace is to have more control over how it looks and feels. With a custom platform, you can choose among different modules to be integrated and how they are displayed.This can create a more positive user experience and encourage more people to use your dApp. Additionally, by building your own platform you can ensure that data is kept secure and that users have a trustless experience.

Easy to deploy

The construction of Marketplace requires developers to have a deeper understanding of the blockchain. It often takes a development team of 5-10 people more than 4 months to develop. The overall investment cost is large and will affect the progress of the entire project to a great extent. The development of the project itself (also need to consider Apple or Google's policy factors, and formulate an appropriate plan to access the dApp). Using Smart Marketplace, you can deploy Smart marketplace in just a few lines of code.
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If you are a developer or web 3 startup looking for a way to get started in the NFT marketplace, then Smart Marketplace is the solution for you. Smart Marketplace is the perfect solution for you. Our SDK makes it easy to create in-app marketplaces for NFTs in blockchain apps.

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Build your application with Mirror World Smart Platform

Read our full deck here. Mirror World Smart Platform now supports EVM-compatible chains!!!
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