Developer's Weekly Update 2023 #30

A Week's Review of Developer Development

Developer's Weekly Update 2023 #30
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Hello developers! It's time for our weekly round-up, where we highlight the accomplishments and ongoing projects of the week. Let's jump into the details.

1. On-ramp Aggregator v0.1.1: Testing and Bug Fixes Completed

We've successfully concluded the testing phase for the On-ramp Aggregator v0.1.1. Our dedicated team has resolved all identified bugs, ensuring a smoother and more reliable service.

2. Support for New Wallet UI

We're actively supporting the new Wallet User Interface. This enhancement aims to offer our users an intuitive and streamlined experience when managing their digital assets.

3. Progress on Billing System Design

Our team has continued to put significant effort into designing a robust and efficient billing system. This initiative promises to offer better transparency and convenience for our users and partners.

4. Ongoing Dashboard Activity Development for Wallet

We're making steady progress in integrating wallet-related components into our Dashboard Activity feature. This endeavor will provide more in-depth insights into wallet operations and activities.

5. Continued Development of Sui Marketplace Indexer

Our team remains focused on the Sui Marketplace Indexer, ensuring efficient cataloging and easy retrieval of listed items.

6. New Wallet Integration in Unity SDK

We're excited about the ongoing work to integrate the new wallet into our Unity Software Development Kit (SDK). Once complete, developers will have a more versatile toolkit at their fingertips for game and application development.
That concludes this week's updates. We appreciate your dedication and support as we continually strive to enhance our platform. Stay tuned for more updates next week, and as always, happy coding!

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