Developer's Weekly Update 2023 #38

A Week's Review of Developer Development

Developer's Weekly Update 2023 #38
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Greetings, developers! Let’s get right into the heart of our developments and progress over the past week.

1. Solana Fully Onchain Game Hackathon Preparation

We are in high gear preparing for the Solana Fully Onchain game hackathon. Our team is channeling their efforts to ensure we put forth an impressive and innovative submission, highlighting our commitment to blockchain gaming.

2. Development Completion: Alchemy Pay Integration

Great news! We've wrapped up the development for the Alchemy Pay integration. This successful integration extends our payment capabilities, offering users a broader range of transactional options and enhancing our platform's flexibility.

3. Ongoing Development of Billing System

Work on our billing system continues. We're making consistent strides towards finalizing a user-centric, efficient, and transparent billing mechanism that will streamline financial processes for our users.

4. Feature Rollout: Query Any Wallet’s Owned Collection

In a bid to boost user experience, we've introduced a feature that enables users to query any wallet's owned collection. This new functionality enhances transparency and interaction within our platform, allowing for more informed decisions and insights.

5. URL Parameters in On-ramp Aggregator UI: Completed

We've successfully incorporated URL parameters into the On-ramp Aggregator UI. This enhancement streamlines user interactions and provides a more intuitive navigation experience, simplifying tasks and boosting overall usability.
That wraps up our weekly roundup. As we forge ahead, our mission remains clear: to deliver groundbreaking solutions and elevate the developer experience. We're excited for the week ahead and as always, appreciate your continued support. Until our next update, happy coding!

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