World Store Points Systems đź’Ž

World Store Points Systems


World Store Points Systems đź’Ž
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Introducing the World Store Points System: A comprehensive rewards program designed to enhance your experience on World Store. Any of your on-chain actions such as Trade, Swap, Bridge on any blockchain network, will earn you points.
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How to get points?

Registration Reward Points

Complete initial registration and fill out the questionnaire to earn points.

Get points for the first interaction

4 types of actions, get lots of points
  • First time Swap & Bridge at World Store
  • First time Buy any NFT at World Store
  • First time Buy tokens with a credit card at World Store
  • First time Buy NFT with a credit card at World Stor

How to earn points?

Transaction to Earn Points

Every NFT & Token purchase in World Store earns you points, each enhancing our AI's recommendations for a tailored asset experience.
  • Swap any Tokens on any Blockchain, trading volume> 50U
  • Buy NFTs on any blockchain with Crypto, NFT value > 50U
  • Buy any Tokens on any blockchain with a credit card, Token value > 100U
  • Buy any NFT on any blockchain with a credit card, NFT value > 20U
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Referral to Earn Points

Share World Store with friends! Earn more points when they use your referral to checkout.
  • Invite your friends to register on World Store.
  • Earn points with every purchase your invited friends make. Additionally, you'll receive extra points when they refer friends! (Coming soon)
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Draw Points with World Store Raffle Ticket!

World Store Raffle Ticket can be redeemed for a Draw in the World Store to win World Store Points. Each NFT is limited to 1 Draw and is not transferrable or tradable. You can earn 8,000-30,000 Points per draw.
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3 Ways to Get Raffle Tickets:

  • Limited-time Mint on World Store Official Website
    • On December 18th, during the World Store launch, we're opening Polygon Raffle Ticket Mint for 24 hours. After that, we'll roll out Mint for Raffle Tickets on different blockchain networks.
  • Rewards for Points Leaderboard
    • We will occasionally reward the top 10 users in World Store Points Leaderboard with free Raffle Ticket airdrop to encourage you to use the World Store!
  • Community Rewards from Gaming Partners
    • With 30 gaming client nodes and 100+ blockchain gaming partners, World Store will listing their in-game assets and giveaway free Raffle Tickets to the gaming community and some influencers.
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What are the benefits of Points?

World Store will assess user engagement, participation, and contribution based on points.
In various upcoming product releases, tokenomics designs, and community airdrops, corresponding benefits and rewards will be directly distributed based on points.
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About the Points Leaderboard

We will reward users with points for any actions on World Store in real time, and rankings will be updated based on points in real-time. You can see how your points compare to other users, it's a friendly competition!
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World Store Exclusive: 5x Points Bonus!

To celebrate the launch of World Store, we're offering a special 5x points bonus from December 18, 2023, to January 1, 2024! Earn 5 times the points for any Trade, Swap, Bridge, or NFT purchase.
Start trading on World Store today:
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