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How to prepare NFT Metadata

By David C. Nwadiogbu

What is NFT metadata

NFT Metadata essentially stores information about your NFTs. They may include essential properties of the NFT such as its name, total supply and transaction history.

NFT metadata usually comes in json format and describes the characteristics and properties of the NFT.

The ERC115 metadata standard

Before we learn how to prepare our metadata, we need to talk about the ERC115 metadata standard.

The ERC115 metadata standard is a popular standard for creating NFT metadata. This is the metadata standard enforced by Mirror World and on Solana NFTs as well. As long as your metadata exists on Solana, it is expected to conform to the ERC-1155 metadata schema. The ERC115 standard is backwards compatible with ERC-721 and is generally well-supported by various wallets and marketplaces.

Only metadata that conforms to the ERC-1155 metadata standard is accepted on Mirrorworld.

Metadata properties

An NFT metadata may contain the following properties in it:

  • name: Name of the asset.
  • symbol: Symbol of the asset.
  • description: Description of the asset.
  • image: URI pointing to the asset's logo.
  • animation_url (optional): URI pointing to the asset's animation.
  • external_url: URI pointing to an external URL defining the asset — e.g. the game's main site.
  • attributes: Array of attributes defining the characteristics of the asset.

Let's look at how to prepare metadata for your NFT

How to prepare Metadata for NFT

Preparing the metadata for your NFT is relatively straightforward. You will need to create a json file that contains all the relevant information about your NFT as seen above.

Here's an example of what your json file would look like:


"name": "Smart Platform by Mirror World",
"symbol": "SPMW",
"description": "Smart Platform by Mirror World offers multi-chain social authentication, MPC wallet solutions, and in-app marketplace solutions, all with 0 upfront cost.",
"image": "",
"animation_url": "",
"external_url": "",
"attributes": [
"trait_type": "trait1",
"value": "value1"
"trait_type": "trait2",
"value": "value2"

Storing your metadata

Once you have prepared the metadata json file for your NFT, you can make it into a metadata json URL. This URL can then be used to easily access the metadata json file associated with the NFT.

To create the metadata json URL, you will first need to upload the json file to an IPFS service like Arweave.

Once the json file is uploaded, you will need to obtain the download link for the json file. This link is the metadata json URL.

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