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Updating NFT Metadata with the Mirror World Smart SDK

By David C. Nwadiogbu

NFTs being digital mean they have metadata that identifies them. This metadata may include essential properties of the NFT such as its name, total supply, and transaction history.

Is it possible to update NFT metadata after it has been minted? The answer is yes. Knowing how to update NFT metadata is very important and could save you a lot of time and resources.

In this guide, we'll look at how to update the metadata of an NFT.

NFT metadata

NFT metadata usually comes in json format and describes the characteristics and properties of the NFT. It is important to note that there are a few properties on an NFT that cannot be changed. For example, the token ID and contact addresses of an NFT cannot be altered. You should also be careful with how you manipulate an NFT's metadata as this could damage its rarity.

How to Update NFT metadata

To update our NFT's metadata, we'll be making use of the updateNFT method available to us in the MirrorWorld smart SDK.

Let's look at how this works. In a previous guide we successfully minted an NFT using the mintNFT method from our Mirrorworld smart SDK. In this guide, we're going to be updating the metadata of that NFT.

If you haven't gone through that guide, please go ahead and do so because this guide will be making use of the code written there.

Fetch NFTs

To update our NFT's metadata, we'll need our NFT's mint address, the metadataUri of the NFT, and the data we'd like to update it with. Without our mint address and metadataUri we wouldn't be able to update our NFT metadata, so let's make sure we have these two properties. You should have the metadataUri from when you minted your NFT. As for the mint address, we should be able to get it using the getNFTs method from the Mirrorworld smart SDK.

Update your code to include a getNFTs button which will log an array of NFTs you have minted.

async function getMyNfts() {
const res = await mirrorworld.getNFTs({
limit: 5,
offset: 5
return (
<div className="App">
{!user ? (
<button onClick={login}>Login to Mirror World</button>
) : (
<button onClick={mintMyNft}>Mint NFT</button>
<button onClick={getMyNfts}>Get NFTs</button> //new
{user ? (
<div className="user-info">
<p>{user.username} successfully logged in</p>
) : (
<p>No User available</p>

After clicking the button, check your console to view the response logs and you should see a list of NFTs that you've minted.

Update NFT

Copy the mint address of the NFT you want to update its metadata and update your code with an updateMyNft function and button like this:

async function updateMyNft() {
const res = await mirrorworld.updateNFT({
mint_address: "MINT_ADDRESS", //Replace with your NFT mint address
metadataUri: "META_DATA_URI", //Replace this with the correct metadataUri of the NFT
name: "Chuka", // You can update the metadata with more than one property
return (
<button onClick={updateMyNft}>Update NFT</button>

As you can see from the code snippet above, we've created an updateMyNft function that calls the updateNFT method from our mirrorworld SDK and updates our NFT metadata with the payload passed into it. In our case, we're only updating the name of our NFT but you may update more metadata properties such as the description and url of the NFT. It's completely up to you.

To confirm that our change/update was successful, we can call our getMyNfts function once again and view our recently applied changes.

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