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Minting NFT on ERC721/ERC1155 Collection

By MirrorWorld

In this guide, you will mint NFTs to the collection you created using the Mirror World SDK. If you do not yet have a collection address, please follow this guide to create an ERC721/ERC1155 collection and return to this page to mint NFTs to your collection.

That's it! Let's move forward to minting NFTs.


  • Your collection_address is prepared
  • Your have prepared your API credentials (API Key and Secret Access Key).
  • Your wallet has been funded.

Funding your project wallet

Skip this section if your project wallet is already funded

Before minting NFTs to your collection, you need to make sure that your project wallet is funded with enough funds to pay the gas fee for deployment.

You can see your project wallet on the top-right of the developer dashboard when you select the Chain/Network combination on the developer dashboard.

  • For Mainnet, you can fund your wallet by directly transferring funds into your project wallet from an external wallet, or exchange.
  • For Testnet, you can use a faucet to get tokens. Examples of popular testnet faucets include and

API Credentials

Skip this section if you already have your API credentials

Minting NFTs requires the following API credentials:

  • API Key - passed in to the x-api-key header. If you don't have an API Key, please use the Getting Started guide to create a project and get the API Key for your project.
  • Secret Access Key - passed into the Authorization: Bearer <SECRET_ACCESS_KEY> header. If you don't have your Secret Access Key yet, please follow this guide to acquire your Secret Access Key.

Minting your ERC721/ERC1155 NFTs


You can use the Mint NFT to collection API to mint NFTs to your collection

Replace :chain and :network parameters to the chain and network combination you want to deploy to.

Here is the full table of supported chains.

Required properties:

  • collection_address: The address of the collection
  • token_id: The token_id of the NFT to be minted

Optional properties:

  • to_wallet_address: The wallet address to which the NFT will be minted. You can use this to airdrop NFTs to a user.
  • mint_amount: The amount of NFTs to be minted. Default is 1. For erc721 collections this value should be 1
  • confirmation: The confirmation level of the transaction. Default is finalized. Allowed values are finalized and confirmed

Below is an example code snippet. Take note of the variables to be replaced

curl --location '' \
--header 'x-api-key: <YOUR_API_KEY>' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <YOUR_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY>' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{
"collection_address": "<YOUR_COLLECTION_ADDRESS>",
"token_id": 1

With JavaScript SDK

This example uses the JavaScript SDK to mint a NFT to Collection on Ethereum mainnet.

import { MirrorWorld, Ethereum } from "@mirrorworld/web3.js"
const mirrorworld = new MirrorWorld({
apiKey: "YOUR_API_KEY",
chainConfig: Ethereum("mainnet"),
auth: {
secretAccessKey: "YOUR_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY",
const payload = {
collection_address: "0xSOME_COLLECTION_ADDRESS",
token_id: 1,
const nft = await mirrorworld.Ethereum.Asset.mintNFT(payload)
console.log("my new NFT", nft)

Congratulations! You have successfully minted an NFT to your EVM-compatible blockchain collection.

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