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API Error Reference

This is a list of all API Errors that can be returned by the Mirror World API Cluster.

100000ROUTE_NOT_FOUNDNot Found %1$s %2$s
100001EMAIL_NOT_FOUNDWe could not find an account with this email address.
100002FAILED_SOCIAL_AUTHFailed to authenticate user with social auth
100003INVALID_OAUTH_PROVIDERInvalid Oauth Provider Type Provided. Please use one of Google, Facebook, Apple or Discord.
100004CONFLICTING_AUTHENTICATION_METHODSCritical error. We found duplicate social provider accounts for this user email.
100005CONFLICTING_EMAIL_ADDRESSAn account already exists with this email address. Please login to continue
100006EXPIRED_EMAIL_VERIFICATION_CODEThis verification code has expired. Please request new code and try again
100007INVALID_EMAIL_VERIFICATION_CODEInvalid verification code. Please use the code sent to your email address
100008VERIFICATION_FOR_EMAIL_IN_PROGRESSEmail verification is already in progress for this email address. Please check your email address to find the verification code to complete signup
100009INVALID_REFRESH_TOKENInvalid or expired refresh token. Please login again to continue.
100010INVALID_LOGIN_CREDENTIALSThe email or password provided for login are incorrect. Please try again
100011DEVELOPER_ACCOUNT_NOT_FOUNDCould not find developer account for this user. Please create developer entity before using developer resources.
100012INVALID_AUTH_TOKENThe authentication token you provided is either invalid or has expired. Please login to continue
100013NO_AUTH_TOKEN_ERRORNo auth token was provided for authenticated route.
100014INVALID_API_KEYWe could not find the project for the API key your provided. Please check that the API key is provided correctly.
100015TOKEN_LOGIN_SESSION_IN_PROGRESSToken login session is already in progress for this email address. Please complete the current session before starting a new one
100016FAILED_SESSION_PROOFThe login session token you provided is either invalid or did not pass the proof of identity. Please verify that this is a real token that belongs to the user before proceeding.
100017INCOMPLETE_SESSION_PROOF_ERRORThis session_token has not yet been proven by the user. Please complete authentication and proof of ownership before requesting the user's tokens
100018EXPIRED_SESSION_PROOFThe login session token you provided has expired. Please start a new session to continue logging in.
100019UNAUTHORIZED_APPLICATION_ACCESSA session can only be issued and completed by the same application. Please ensure that the API keys used to start and complete login session belong to the same project
100020INVALID_PASSCODEInvalid passcode. The passcode you provided is incorrect.
100021EXPIRED_WALLET_PASSCODE_VERIFICATIONThis verification code has expired. Please request new code and try again
100022INVALID_WALLET_PASSCODE_VERIFICATION_CODEInvalid verification code. Please use the code sent to your email address
100023PENDING_ACTION_NOT_FOUNDCould not find pending user action. Please try again.
100024ACTION_USER_NOT_FOUNDCould not find action user. Please try again.
100025UNAUTHORIZED_DEVELOPER_ACCESSForbidden. You are trying to access a developer resource from a project of which you are not a member.
100026REPEAT_PASSWORD_NOT_AGREEMENTThe two passwords are inconsistent, please re-enter.
100027INVALID_ACTION_AUTHORIZATIONThe action token you provided is either invalid or has expired. Please request user to approve again.
100028UNAUTHORIZED_ACTIONThe action you are trying to perform has not been authorized by the user.
100029ACTION_NOT_FOUNDCould not find an action with the provided uuid for this user. Please try again
100030MPC_WALLET_KEYGEN_FAILEDFailed to create mpc wallet. Please try again
100031PROJECT_NOT_FOUNDCould not find project. Please create project entity before using its resources.
100031INVALID_SECRET_ACCESS_KEYThe secret access key provided is no longer valid because it has been invalidated by the owner or has been compromised. Please generate a new token on the developer dashboard. Some helpful resources (1) Generate a secret access key: (2) Managing Your Secret Access Key:
100032EXPIRED_SECRET_ACCESS_KEYThis secret access key provided has already expired. Please generate a new token on the developer dashboard. Some helpful resources: (1) Generate a secret access key: (2) Managing Your Secret Access Key:
100033NETWORK_NOT_SUPPORTEDChain or Network is not supported
100100UNAUTHORIZED_BOT_REQUESTIt looks like you are using a bot to access a protected resource. Access denied.
100150BAD_REQUESTBad request
120001REQUEST_VALIDATION_ERRORRequest validation failed
120002NFT_OWNERSHIP_ERRORUser is not the owner of this NFT
120003TRANSACTION_EXECUTION_ERRORFailed to execute transaction. Please try again.
120004INSUFFICIENT_BALANCE_ERRORInsufficient balance to process transaction. Wallet: %1$s
120005INSUFFICIENT_TOKEN_BALANCE_ERRORInsufficient token balance to process transaction. Wallet: %1$s Token: %2$s
120006MARKETPLACE_DOES_NOT_EXISTMarketplace does not exist. Marketplace: %1$s
120007REQUEST_ERRORProblem with request parameters
120008TRANSACTION_NOT_FOUNDTransaction not found
120010USER_WALLET_ERRORUser can't perform this operation
120100NOT_IMPLEMENTEDMethod is not implemented for this network
120101INSUFFICIENT_PERMISSIONS_ON_PROJECTDon't have sufficient permissions to execute action on the project
120102COLLECTION_NOT_FOUNDCollection not found. Collection: %1$s
120103LISTING_ALREADY_EXISTSListing with this price already exists.
120104LISTING_DOES_NOT_EXISTListing does not exist.
120105BUY_SELF_LISTINGCannot buy your own listing.
120106NFT_NOT_FOUNDNFT not found. Collection: %1$s Token ID: %2$s
120107ACTION_NOT_SUPPORTEDAction not supported.
666003ACCOUNT_NOT_INITIALIZEDthe wallet account is not initialized.
666004INVALID_MAX_WITHDRAWinvalid max withdraw.
666005INVALID_MIN_WITHDRAWinvalid min withdraw.
666006INVALID_TIMESTAMPinvalid timestamp
666008RPC_NODE_IS_BEHINDRPC node is behind. Please try again.
666011RPC_CONNECTION_RESETRPC connection reset. Please try again.
666009BLOCK_HEIGHT_EXCEEDEDBlock height exceeded.
120207ACCOUNT_DOES_NOT_EXISTAccount not found
120208PROXY_CONTRACT_NOT_SUPPORTEDContract %1$s doesn't implement Mirrorworld proxy contract
120208TRANSACTION_EXECUTION_TIMEOUTTransactions block height exceeded limit. Please try again
200001PARAMS_ERRORRequest params validation failed
200002NFT_NOT_EXISTNft not exist
200003COLLECTION_NOT_EXISTCollection not exist
200004OUT_OF_MAX_PAGEInput page params out of max page
200005PRICE_PARSE_ERRORPrice parse failed
200100METADATE_SERVER_INTERNAL_ERRORServer internal error
666001AMOUNT_TOO_LOW_TO_COVER_RENTamount is too low to cover to_account's rent fee.
666002INSUFFICIENT_BALANCEthe wallet balance is insufficient.
666007NO_ENOUGH_BALANCEno enough balance.
666010ACCOUNT_NOT_EXISTAccount not found
666012TOKEN_ACCOUNT_NOT_INTIATEDToken account is not initialized.
666013TOKEN_ADDRESS_ALREADY_EXISTToken address is already existed.
666014AIRDROP_LIMIT_REACHEDAirdrop limit reached.
666015AIRDROP_FAILEDAirdrop failed

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