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Transfers an NFT from the current user's wallet address to another wallet address.

use mirrorworld_sdk_rust::{ marketplace::Marketplace, NetEnv };
fn main() {
// First create the SDK instance
let api_key: &str = "SUPER_SECRET_API_KEY"; // Can be gotten from the developer dashboard
let access_token: &str = "USER_AUTH_ACCESS_TOKEN"; // Current user's auth token
let marketplace = Marketplace::new(api_key.to_string(), NetEnv::DEVNET, access_token.to_string());
// Transfer NFT params
let mint_address: &str = "5eGe5EaC5w5L9nCdmqM4eCe8ZLkBanBVMYBB4gj71qg";
let recipient_wallet_address: &str = "2BrLoxPTkPLyLuD3sPitNKXQRA9y8zzZ9P6vYwMTtgBL";
let transfer_result: NftListing = marketplace.transfer_nft(mint_address, recipient_wallet_address).await.unwrap();
// Return Types
// ============
#[derive(Debug, Serialize, Deserialize)]
pub struct NftListing {
pub id: usize,
#[serde(rename = "type")]
pub type_name: String,
pub wallet_address: String,
pub mint_address: String,
pub price: String,
pub seller_address: String,
pub to_wallet_address: Option<String>,
pub signature: String,
pub status: String,
#[serde(rename = "updatedAt")]
pub updated_at: String,
#[serde(rename = "createdAt")]
pub created_at: String,
// Error response if any
// =====================
#[derive(Debug, Serialize, Deserialize)]
pub struct Err {
#[serde(rename = "InstructionError")]
pub instruction_error: Option<String>,

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